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** PLEASE REMEMBER TO WATCH THE SPAM INBOX, IF YOU SEEM TO DON'T RECEIVE THE VALIDATION E-MAIL **How many times have you seen a magician doing one of those impossible tricks?
How many times have you wondered about how it would be if you could do magic?
How many times have you seen magic tricks you thought they were absolutely impossible right before your eyes?
How many times have you seen a magician do crazy things with cards? And turn green with envy because you'd like to be one of them...
In short, how many times have you dreamed with being able to do magic and making people enjoy as much as you do?
Enough reading of so many books in which you barely understand the contents, ending up leaving them on a bookcase because they can't show you the right way!Enough losing your time and spending your money in books and items that are soon put away because you can't take advantage of them!Enough searching a technique or trick for hours and never finding it!Enough wanting to learn and not knowing where to start nor how to perform!
Today it is your lucky day, you have found exactly what you need.
-- But, am I going to find the most important techniques and astonishing tricks on earth here?** In WikiMagic, you have access to a encyclopedia of techniques and tricks explained in detail.
-- But, what happens if there is something I don't understand in one of those techniques or tricks you tell me about?** Each technique is explained in such a way that if there is something you don't understand, you can click on it and and you'll be redirect to a more detailed explanation of that specific term.
-- But, how could I be sure if what I am doing is properly done?** WikiMagic provides you with hundreds of videos in which you can see the technique's performance, for you to see how the audience must see it.
-- What happens if the video is too quickly for me to understand it?** Each technique has a slow motion video performance of the technique for you to see absolutely each detail.
-- Wow, it seems a good system for learning.** We have created an unique system, taking care of each detail. We know how difficult is to properly learn magic with books and DVDs, we can ensure it will go down in history!
-- But I have another question. How can I know if I am taking the correct way and properly learning?** Thanks to WikiMagic's courses, you are going to learn step by step, selecting a course depending on the level you are getting. Each course has a level, starting from beginner to expert. You can learn how to properly hold the deck or how to do certain types of shuffles until mastering endless techniques. Some of them are fans, false shuffles, false cuts, color changes, controls, forces, peeks, palms, passes, secret card turns, flourishes, etc. Each thing you learn, you can mark it as "learnt", and so advancing in the course for finishing it. Once ended, you can learn the tricks in that course and then going on to the next level.
You also have a menu for routines, for creating your own and organizing shows, preparing scripts, etc.
Not only that, but there also is another menu for events in which you can see the nearest you have of your favourite magicians. Magic events, festivals, competitions, conferences and all of it explained in detail. You can even add your own commercial for everybody to know where you are going to perform!
What else do you want?Enjoy WikiMagic, there is no doubt it is the best magic App in the market for a LAUGHING price! Say STOP to pay a high prize for magic having this PUMP so close.
We ensure you it worths
Hurray for magic!